New Concession Stand is on the way for 2018

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Our Town is fortunate to have a state of the art athletic track and field (Pisini Field) to complement our new Franklin High School. Most afternoons, evenings, and weekends throughout the year the facility is utilized by either FHS or town sports teams. Pisini Field host many youth and high school programs such as, girl’s youth lacrosse, youth soccer, Franklin Chargers football, and spring track. Currently, there are no bathroom or sanitary facilities for this athletic facility which sees more use than any other athletic facility in our Town. Throughout the year, a number of portable toilets are situated adjacent to the new Franklin High School to accommodate the families and children participating in the sports at Pisini Field. With the high frequency of events at this facility, maintaining the cleanliness of these temporary bathroom facilities is virtually impossible and often creates unsanitary and embarrassing conditions. During large high school events such as football games, the Horace Mann School is opened and the bathrooms closest to the field can be used by the spectators at the game. However, this provides a minimal number of facilities and is still supplemented by the temporary bathroom facilities adjacent to our new high school.

Our proposal will provide a bathroom facility as well as areas for storage and concessions. The number of actual toilets proposed far outnumbers the amount that has typically been made available (combining temporary and Horace Mann bathrooms) during the largest events at the field, and would also provide a small sanitary area to be used as a concession stand. This new facility would eliminate the need for the current temporary concession trailer, which is in severe dis-repair, poor sanitary condition, and an eye sore to the entire facility. Additionally, this new bathroom facility would be handicap accessible for both the concession area and sanitary facilities, which is not the case for the existing facility or temporary bathrooms.

We expect the cost of the facility to be in the range of $250,000. In order to cover these costs of construction, we are hoping to raise donations of materials, labor and $. We’ve included a list of materials and labor items required to complete the construction (You can check out the drawings included here as well). Please pass this along to anyone who may be able to donate materials or time towards the project. For those unable to assist with material or time donations, we certainly appreciate any monetary contributions. Thank you for taking the time to read and with your support we can improve such a significant part of the Franklin community!

*Should you have any questions, please contact Michael Socci at


Materials Needed
– Furnish Fence
– Furnish Reinforcing Steel
– Furnish Sand
– Furnish Steel Mesh
– Furnish Slab Insulation
– Furnish CMU
– Furnish Lintels
– Furnish Steel Roof
– Furnish Rubber Roof
– Furnish Roof Trim
– Furnish Doors
– Furnish OH Doors
– Furnish Electrical Conduit
– Furnish Electrical Finishes (Lights, outlets,etc.)
– Furnish Plumbing, Piping
– Furnish Plumbing Fixtures (Sinks, Toilets, etc.)
– Furnish Counters
– Furnish Paint
– Furnish Toilet Partitions and HC Accessories

Labor/Subcontractors Needed
– Install Fence
– Form and Place Footing and Walls
– Exc + Backfill Utilities
– Foundation and Site Backfill
– Place and Finish Concrete Slab
– Install CMU
– Install Rubber Roof
– Install Roof Trim
– Install Doors
– Install OH Doors
– Install Underground Electrical Conduit
– Install Electrical Conduit and Finishes
– Install Underground Plumbing
– Install Plumbing Finishes
– HVAC – Finish and Install Hoods + Vents
– Install Counters
– Install Partitions and HC Accessories
– Form and Place Walkways and Aprons

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